Alternative Hosting Places for Victims of Domestic Violence

Country of Implementation



Association “Demetra” runs 2 crisis centers for accommodation on the territory of the country with general capacity 18 places. • In 2020 accommodation was provided for 36 women and 25 children in the crisis centers run by Demetra Association. • During the pandemic situation it provided accommodation for the victims, their admission to the crisis center is guaranteed. Medical examination is available for Covid19 of the victims. •Humanitarian packages with first-class items are also provided. need for 20 casualties. • 15 tablets are provided for online provision as well as education of the children accommodated in the crisis centers during the pandemic situation. • Crisis centers operate 24 hours a day providing a calm and protected user environment. 24/7 telephone line for survivors of sexual violenceand abuse on the territory of “Help Center of victims of sexual violence – Universe”, in the city of Burgas

Innovative aspect

Flexible support for the victims during the pandemic situation (data for 2020)

Duration of the measure


Implementing actor(s)

Association “Demetra”

Type of organisation