Lobbying for legislative change on domestic violence

Country of Implementation



Amendments to existing legislation – A project for amendments of the Law for protection against domestic violence has reached the 47th Parliament. Among the new protection measures being introduced are a ban on the possession and carrying of firearms, ammunition and pyrotechnics. An obligation to build an information system to maintain statistics on the various cases of domestic violence is introduced.

Innovative aspect

According to the draft ammendments a national body is established to coordinate and monitor the implementation of all policies related to domestic violence. The state is committed to building and supporting the protection shelters for victims of domestic violence to have access and the construction and introduction of counseling centers

Duration of the measure

Not known

Implementing actor(s)

The Amendments reached the Parliament in 2022, but the governemnt resigned and the Parliament has been dismissed. There will be new elections on October 2nd, 2022.

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