Provision of information through alternative channels

Country of Implementation



Implementation of alternative channels for the dissemination of information.
We directed the dissemination of information to places that were not restricted by visiting people — pharmacies, drugstores, mobile operators, post offices, shops, etc. Information about the social service was mainly disseminated through thematic materials (hairbrushes, mirrors, nail files), which were transferred to drugstores, hairdressing salons, cosmetic studios. A contact phone, an email, an organisation’s contacts was printed on the materials.

Innovative aspect

This is an innovative approach to getting to places that are mainly visited by women and, in organisations in contacts and access to institutions, to obtain information. We put on our website an app for free calls and chat.

Duration of the measure


Implementing actor(s)

We applied the measure on its own. Association Naia, Targovishte

Type of organisation