Raising Awareness on Gender-Based Violence

Country of Implementation



As part of the public campaign launched during the lockdown by the Municipality of Barcelona (Barcelona from home) and the strengthened Municipal service agasint GBV (SARA) several flyers were produced in Spanish, Catalan and English to raise awareness about GBV and faciliate its identification. The campaign included flyers with recommendations for women as potential victims, neighbours and retailers about what to when.

Innovative aspect

Direct engagement of new stakeholders (neighbours and retailers)

Clear DO’s and DON’Ts list respecting the agency of the woman (e.g. for retailers and neighbours: “Don’t jump the gun and don’t judge: listen and offer your support doing only what the woman asks of you. Don’t call into question the story that the person in this situation is telling”

Duration of the measure

Short term

Implementing actor(s)

Municipality of Barcelona

Type of organisation

Local Authority